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The Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Centre (“CIIDRC”) serves global Internet users by providing smart, trusted and efficient resolution of domain name disputes. 

Through our on-line platform, CIIDRC helps users efficiently submit complaints, file responses, select panelists and view decisions resulting from domain name disputes. Our goal is to provide timely and cost-effective resolution of domain name disputes.

CIIDRC is a division of the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (“BCICAC”). Established in 1986 in Vancouver with the support of the provintial Government of British Columbia and the Government of Canada, BCICAC is a non-profit foundation and trusted provider of alternative dispute resolution services.

BCICAC is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of leading lawyers, academics, a former Supreme Court Judge, a former Attorney General, and prominent business leaders. It has a “public” mandate; Section 22 of the Arbitration Act of British Columbia states that the rules of BCICAC for domestic arbitrations are the default rules for any arbitral proceedings in British Columbia, unless the parties agree otherwise. 

Both BCICAC and CIIDRC are led by Barry Penner, Q.C., Managing Director and a former Attorney General of BC, along with an advisory committee established by the BCICAC Board.

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver, Canada, CIIDRC is fully-equipped to effectively assist in the timely resolution of domain name disputes.


CIIDRC’s parent organization, BCICAC, has been a service provider for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) since 2002, successfully managing .ca (dot ca) domain name disputes.

CIIDRC’s panelists are experts in the domain name dispute resolution field. Authorized by a thorough verification process which tests their knowledge and expertise, our panelists are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics.

CIIDRC provides invaluable support to Complainants, Respondents and their advisors with well-trained and experienced staff, who are ready to assist in all aspects of expedited UDRP proceedings.


To provide a trusted, neutral, fair and efficient dispute resolution process with a global perspective, based on a solid software platform, highly experienced panelists and professional support personnel.


To serve efficiently global Internet users by becoming a leading organization in the domain name dispute resolution field through innovative approaches built on expertise and modern technology.


CIIDRC is committed to efficiently administering domain name disputes and actively working with ICANN and existing UDRP providers to continually improve the effectiveness of the UDRP.

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