Who We Can Help


  • Business owners, organizations, and individuals whose registered trademark is being used as a domain name without their consent,
  • Domain name owners whose ownership is being challenged, and
  • Intellectual-property lawyers or trademark agents representing clients involved in domain name disputes.

We have created an online platform to facilitate the resolution of domain name disputes under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the UDRP) and the CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the CDRP). Our smart and intuitive platform is designed with a focus on the user’s experience and client support. 

In order to help you navigate through the filing process, both the Complaint and the Response forms contain references to the appropriate Rules and Policies. Although filing a complaint and response does not require legal assistance, when substantive intellectual property rights are at stake, legal advice may be necessary. 

Payments can be conveniently submitted via our online payment platform. Panel fees will vary depending on:

  • the Policy,
  • the number of panelists appointed, and
  • the number of domain names in dispute. 

In accordance with our Fee Schedule, Panel fees are payable at the time of the appointment and not in advance.

Step-by-step flow charts of the UDRP and the CDRP processes are available under the Menu page.

If you have any questions or need assistance please Contact UsWe are here to help (but not provide legal advice).