Respond to a CDRP Complaint

This page is for the domain name registrants whose ownership is being challenged.

If you have received a Notice of Commencement of the administrative proceeding from us advising that your domain name ownership is being challenged, it means that you are a Registrant in a mandatory administrative proceeding under the CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (Policy)

The purpose of the Policy is to provide a forum in which cases of bad faith registration of domain names registered in the dot-ca country code top-level domain name registry operated by CIRA (the “Registry”) can be dealt with relatively inexpensively and quickly.

Please carefully read the information below.

Under Resolution Rule 5 your proper Response should be submitted within 20 calendar days of the commencement of the administrative proceeding. The Notice you received from us indicates the exact date by which your response should be submitted. You can request a time extension for filing your Response by Contacting Us. Please include your file number indicated in the Notice. You can file a Response by yourself, or you may wish to consult legal counsel for assistance.

You are not required to submit any payment for defending your ownership over the disputed domain name. The Complainant bears the duty to pay all fees associated with the administrative proceeding.

If you fail to submit a Response within the due date, the appointed Panel will render its decision in the absence of your response. Although the Panel can accept a late-filed Response under exceptional circumstances, the Panel is under no obligation to do so.

The Response form will allow you to navigate between the Policy and the Resolution Rules. The Response form is designed to limit the maximum number of words in your Response to 5,000 words for the first domain and up to 1,000 additional words for each additional domain name in dispute plus any Schedules.

To assist you with filing a Response, we have put together a non-exhaustive list of important aspects of the Policy administrative proceeding. 

As a Registrant you need to:

  1. Address all the statements and allegations contained in the complaint and should include reasons for you to retain registration and use of the disputed domain name.
  2. Nominate up to five candidates from the CIIDRC Panel to serve as Panelists.
  3. Provide a summary of, and references to, the relevant Canadian law, and if desired, indicate a preference for the application of the laws of a particular Canadian province or a territory.
  4. Provide a summary of, and references to, prior decisions in CIRA Proceedings or the dispute resolution proceedings which apply to domain names registered under any other top-level domain which you consider persuasive.
  5. In accordance with Resolution Rule 5.2(g), at the option of the Registrant, state, but without exceeding one thousand (1000) words plus any Schedules, a claim pursuant to paragraph 4.6 of the Policy for costs of up to five thousand dollars ($5000) incurred by the Registrant in preparing for, and filing material in, the Proceeding and provide particulars of the basis for the claim and receipts or other evidence of the costs;
  6. Request that the Response be submitted for decision in accordance with the Policy and the Resolution Rules.
  7. Have any Schedules, together with an index thereto, annexed.
  8. Conclude with the certification of the Complainant in the form set out in Appendix B, followed by the signature of the Complainant or its authorized representative.

There are two ways to submit a Response:

  • through CIIDRC’s online platform

If you use our online platform, please log in using the login and temporary password you received from us. As soon as you have successfully logged in, please immediately create a new password.

Once you submit your completed Response form via our online platform or by email, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. CIIDRC will then proceed with the appointment of a three-member Panel.

Under Resolution Rule 6.5, if the Registrant does not file a response, the Complainant may convert the three-member Panel to a single-member Panel. The appointed Panel will have 21 days to render a decision. Please visit our CDRP process page for an overview of the proceedings.

If a Panel renders a decision to transfer or cancel the disputed domain name, you will have 10 days to file an appeal in court.

The Policy can be found here.

The Resolution Rules can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help (but will not provide legal advice). You may represent yourself or seek the assistance of legal counsel to represent you in the CDRP administrative proceeding.

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