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Date Case # Domain Name(s) Ruleset Resolution
2024-06-14 22764-CDRP euqifax.ca
CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22764-CDRP Details
2024-06-14 23141-CDRP danskooutlet.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 23141-CDRP Details
2024-06-11 23058-UDRP medfuture.com UDRP Denied Case 23058-UDRP Details
2024-06-04 23062-UDRP scrape-shopify.com UDRP Transferred Case 23062-UDRP Details
2024-05-29 23070-UDRP shopifywebstudios.com UDRP transferred Case 23070-UDRP Details
2024-05-30 23071-UDRP shopify-ads.co UDRP transferred Case 23071-UDRP Details
2024-05-28 23064-UDRP shopifywoldpress.com UDRP Transferred Case 23064-UDRP Details
2024-05-28 23059-UDRP lassondepappascareer.com UDRP Transferred Case 23059-UDRP Details
2024-05-28 23067-UDRP Shopify-editions.com UDRP Transferred Case 23067-UDRP Details
2024-05-20 23060-UDRP myshopify.site UDRP Transferred Case 23060-UDRP Details
2024-05-20 23068-UDRP shopifywebxperts.com UDRP Transferred Case 23068-UDRP Details
2024-05-18 23061-UDRP shopify.reviews UDRP Transferred Case 23061-UDRP Details
2024-05-09 22990-UDRP fyimediagroup.com UDRP Denied Case 22990-UDRP Details
2024-05-08 22763-CDRP careersruud-canada.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22763-CDRP Details
2024-04-16 22812-UDRP shopifydropshippingexpert.com UDRP Transferred Case 22812-UDRP Details
2024-04-29 22811-UDRP OlimpiadasDaShopify.com UDRP Transferred Case 22811-UDRP Details
2024-04-29 22802-UDRP babyshopify.com UDRP Transferred Case 22802-UDRP Details
2024-04-26 22801-UDRP azshopify.online UDRP Transferred Case 22801-UDRP Details
2024-04-23 22800-UDRP shopifyday.com UDRP Transferred Case 22800-UDRP Details
2024-04-23 22799-UDRP shopifyworld.com UDRP Transferred Case 22799-UDRP Details
2024-04-16 22804-UDRP shopifyweb.wiki
UDRP Transferred Case 22804-UDRP Details
2024-04-19 22805-UDRP shopifyprogrammers.com UDRP Transferred Case 22805-UDRP Details
2024-04-23 22806-UDRP primeshopifysolutions.com UDRP Transferred Case 22806-UDRP Details
2024-04-15 22808-UDRP shopifyexpertsdevelopers.com UDRP Transferred Case 22808-UDRP Details
2024-04-18 22809-UDRP askshopify.com UDRP Transferred Case 22809-UDRP Details
2024-04-15 22770-UDRP goodmannermasks.com
UDRP Transferred Case 22770-UDRP Details
2024-04-11 22636-UDRP amplifyshopify.com UDRP Transferred Case 22636-UDRP Details
2024-04-04 22760-CDRP rhenuslogisticsltd.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22760-CDRP Details
2024-04-02 22764-UDRP knightsarmamentcompany.com UDRP Transferred Case 22764-UDRP Details
2024-04-02 22813-UDRP bizshopify.com
UDRP Transferred Case 22813-UDRP Details
2024-03-27 22771-UDRP applaendeve.com UDRP transferred Case 22771-UDRP Details
2024-03-27 22638-UDRP syndoz.com UDRP Transferred Case 22638-UDRP Details
2024-03-25 22312-CDRP waldenfarms.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 22312-CDRP Details
2024-03-18 22632-UDRP smokiesgarage.com UDRP Denied Case 22632-UDRP Details
2024-03-18 22309-CDRP neveralonefoundation.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22309-CDRP Details
1970-01-01 22311-CDRP lukesgeneralstore.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22311-CDRP Details
2024-03-06 22308-CDRP tsmsupply.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22308-CDRP Details
2024-02-28 22313-CDRP flologic.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 22313-CDRP Details
2024-02-27 22633-UDRP tsmsupply.com UDRP Denied Case 22633-UDRP Details
2024-02-21 22307-CDRP guessoutlet.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22307-CDRP Details
2024-02-07 22088-UDRP stormtechshop.com UDRP Transferred Case 22088-UDRP Details
2024-02-02 22196-UDRP betmaster736.com UDRP Transferred Case 22196-UDRP Details
2024-02-01 22018-UDRP kelloinclusive.org UDRP Denied Case 22018-UDRP Details
2024-01-31 22184-CDRP benmoss.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22184-CDRP Details
2024-01-29 22304/5-CDRP volcom-canada.ca
CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22304/5-CDRP Details
2024-01-22 22302-CDRP myequifax.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22302-CDRP Details
2024-01-18 22261-CDRP backwoodcigars.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22261-CDRP Details
2024-01-14 20322-UDRP contemplativeoutreachcanada.org UDRP Transferred Case 20322-UDRP Details
2024-01-12 22227-UDRP traffictechllc.com UDRP Transferred Case 22227-UDRP Details
2023-12-28 22087-UDRP shoipfy.com UDRP Transferred Case 22087-UDRP Details
2023-12-19 22301-CDRP consumerequifax.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22301-CDRP Details
2023-12-20 22300-CDRP proiinemarketing.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 22300-CDRP Details
2023-11-28 21994-UDRP shopifytask.com UDRP Transferred Case 21994-UDRP Details
2023-11-21 21875-UDRP shopifyexpertz.com UDRP Transferred Case 21875-UDRP Details
2023-11-16 21993 stevezinck.com UDRP Transferred Case 21993 Details
2023-11-06 21873-UDRP izzyyetnikoff.com UDRP Denied Case 21873-UDRP Details
2023-11-06 21833-UDRP ROUTESREZWORLD.COM UDRP Denied Case 21833-UDRP Details
2023-10-28 21269-CDRP lesechos.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 21269-CDRP Details
2023-10-29 21874-UDRP shopifywebexperts.com UDRP Transferred Case 21874-UDRP Details
2023-10-14 21377-CDRP biontech.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 21377-CDRP Details
2023-09-25 21588-UDRP sweetsweatus.com UDRP Transferred Case 21588-UDRP Details
2023-09-25 20799-CDRP vacuumspecialist.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20799-CDRP Details
2023-09-18 20804-CDRP vacuumspecialists.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 20804-CDRP Details
2023-09-18 21340-UDRP nativecigarettes.com UDRP Denied Case 21340-UDRP Details
2023-09-13 21459-UDRP costaricarecovery.com UDRP Transferred Case 21459-UDRP Details
2023-09-13 21592-UDRP betmastersports.com UDRP Transferred Case 21592-UDRP Details
2023-09-05 21210-UDRP extenso.org UDRP Denied Case 21210-UDRP Details
2023-09-01 21431-UDRP threadc.co UDRP Transferred Case 21431-UDRP Details
2023-08-30 21394-CDRP 4mprints.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 21394-CDRP Details
2023-08-30 20838-UDRP vacuumspecialist.com UDRP Transferred Case 20838-UDRP Details
2023-08-16 20802-CDRP canadavfsglobal.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20802-CDRP Details
2023-08-11 21209-UDRP shopiy.com UDRP Transferred Case 21209-UDRP Details
2023-08-08 20801-CDRP canadavfsgbl.ca CIRA CDRP Deleted Case 20801-CDRP Details
2023-07-19 21207-UDRP betmasters.bet UDRP Transferred Case 21207-UDRP Details
2023-07-12 20090-CDRP flologic.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 20090-CDRP Details
2023-06-23 20692-UDRP ripleybeverage.com UDRP Denied Case 20692-UDRP Details
2023-06-13 18909-UDRP dogsandcatsshots.com
UDRP Transferred Case 18909-UDRP Details
2023-06-07 20944-UDRP ullmanwaelth.com UDRP Transferred Case 20944-UDRP Details
2023-05-30 20837-UDRP shopifyfactory-mall.com UDRP Transferred Case 20837-UDRP Details
2023-05-26 20836-UDRP shopify-analytics.com UDRP Transferred Case 20836-UDRP Details
2023-05-24 20100-CDRP shakeshack.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20100-CDRP Details
2023-05-21 20733-CDRP dansko-canada.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 20733-CDRP Details
2023-05-17 20549-CDRP dncl.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 20549-CDRP Details
2023-05-21 20797-UDRP microkickboard.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 20797-UDRP Details
2023-05-15 20452-UDRP pharmacchoice.com UDRP transferred Case 20452-UDRP Details
2023-05-12 20758-UDRP shopify-8.com UDRP Transferred Case 20758-UDRP Details
2023-05-10 20101-CDRP academyofhockeycanada.ca
CIRA CDRP Split Decision Case 20101-CDRP Details
2023-05-10 20543-UDRP shopify-shopping.com UDRP Transferred Case 20543-UDRP Details
2023-05-05 18320-CDRP clarkcm.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 18320-CDRP Details
2023-01-26 18868-CDRP eequifax.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 18868-CDRP Details
2023-05-01 20450-UDRP mriyaaid.com
UDRP Denied Case 20450-UDRP Details
2023-04-18 20447-UDRP refaceai.com UDRP Transferred Case 20447-UDRP Details
2023-04-16 20448-UDRP ehehealth.org UDRP Transferred Case 20448-UDRP Details
2023-04-13 20449-UDRP lassornde.com UDRP transferred Case 20449-UDRP Details
2023-04-11 20099-CDRP guess-canada.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 20099-CDRP Details
2023-03-31 20385-UDRP sp-shopify.com + 3 UDRP Transferred Case 20385-UDRP Details
2023-04-04 20348-UDRP paragonsecurity.com UDRP Denied Case 20348-UDRP Details
2023-03-29 20326-CDRP lottoleggenda.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 20326-CDRP Details
2023-03-29 20098-CDRP leerdammer.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20098-CDRP Details
2023-02-26 20094-CDRP rocketsoft.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20094-CDRP Details
2023-01-24 19685-CDRP IMAX.CA CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 19685-CDRP Details
2023-03-23 20095-CDRP dellfinancialservice.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20095-CDRP Details
2023-03-22 20097-CDRP enterpriseautofinance.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20097-CDRP Details
2023-03-13 20096-CDRP ihghotel.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20096-CDRP Details
2023-03-13 20091-CDRP anytimefitness.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20091-CDRP Details
2023-03-05 18750-UDRP betmaster-sports.com UDRP Transferred Case 18750-UDRP Details
2023-03-07 20092-CDRP woodwyant.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 20092-CDRP Details
2023-03-06 20014-UDRP casinoin.com UDRP Denied Case 20014-UDRP Details
2023-02-06 19988-CDRP blockchainubc.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 19988-CDRP Details
2023-02-22 19940-UDRP altrafoods.com UDRP Transferred Case 19940-UDRP Details
2023-02-14 19507-UDRP trafflctech.com UDRP Transferred Case 19507-UDRP Details
2023-01-30 19503-UDRP trafficstech.com UDRP Transferred Case 19503-UDRP Details
2023-01-11 18867-CDRP equofax.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 18867-CDRP Details
2023-01-10 18543-UDRP shopifysg.com UDRP transferred Case 18543-UDRP Details
2023-01-04 18846-CDRP clubcar.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 18846-CDRP Details
2022-12-27 18538-UDRP deeded.com UDRP Denied Case 18538-UDRP Details
2022-12-18 18541-UDRP shopify-br.com UDRP Transfered Case 18541-UDRP Details
2022-12-21 18540-UDRP shopifyau.com
UDRP Transfered Case 18540-UDRP Details
2022-12-15 18783-CDRP surfshark.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 18783-CDRP Details
2004-10-28 22-CDRP seedcheck.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 22-CDRP Details
2004-08-26 780-CDRP zyban.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 780-CDRP Details
2004-07-28 784-CDRP amzon.ca
UDRP transferred Case 784-CDRP Details
2004-02-06 733-CDRP diners-club.ca
UDRP transferred Case 733-CDRP Details
2003-10-15 15-CDRP mtv.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 15-CDRP Details
2003-10-28 711-CDRP cocacola.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 711-CDRP Details
2003-06-06 689-CDRP albertagovernment.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 689-CDRP Details
2003-05-27 11-CDRP governmentofcanada.ca
CIRA CDRP transferred Case 11-CDRP Details
2003-05-13 303-CDRP quebecreservation.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 303-CDRP Details
2003-04-21 9-CDRP saveonfoods.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 9-CDRP Details
2002-11-29 3-CDRP biogen.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 3-CDRP Details
2002-10-07 1-CDRP redrobin.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1-CDRP Details
2005-12-15 885-CDRP tdvisa.ca CIRA CDRP cancelled Case 885-CDRP Details
2005-12-02 873-CDRP imdb.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 873-CDRP Details
2005-11-21 870-CDRP priceline.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 870-CDRP Details
2005-11-10 880-CDRP advair.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 880-CDRP Details
2005-08-22 857-CDRP enterprise.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 857-CDRP Details
2005-10-22 871-CDRP candapost.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 871-CDRP Details
2005-10-04 862-CDRP airs.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 862-CDRP Details
2005-08-30 860-CDRP belll.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 860-CDRP Details
2005-07-28 855-CDRP froogle.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 855-CDRP Details
2005-07-27 856-CDRP fordcanada.ca UDRP transferred Case 856-CDRP Details
2005-07-20 850-CDRP crownplaza.ca UDRP denied Case 850-CDRP Details
2005-02-11 816-CDRP sothebys.ca UDRP transferred Case 816-CDRP Details
2005-04-07 820-CDRP canadadrugs.ca UDRP transferred Case 820-CDRP Details
2005-06-09 790-CDRP 1800flowers.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 790-CDRP Details
2005-05-11 829-CDRP nomoredebts.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 829-CDRP Details
2005-04-29 827-CDRP drn.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 827-CDRP Details
2005-04-04 05-203 frt.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 05-203 Details
2005-02-08 818-CDRP amctheatres.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 818-CDRP Details
2005-01-31 802-CDRP cdplus.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 802-CDRP Details
2022-12-12 18542-UDRP shopify.one UDRP transferred Case 18542-UDRP Details
2022-12-12 18539-UDRP shop-ify.com UDRP Transferred Case 18539-UDRP Details
2022-12-12 18825-UDRP magazineracksdirect.com UDRP denied Case 18825-UDRP Details
2006-01-18 887-CDRP thermos.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 887-CDRP Details
2006-01-24 891-CDRP gmacmortgages.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 891-CDRP Details
2006-03-06 899-CDRP rgis.ca UDRP transferred Case 899-CDRP Details
2006-03-29 893-CDRP houseofblues.ca UDRP transferred Case 893-CDRP Details
2006-04-06 901-CDRP cooperator.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 901-CDRP Details
2006-08-16 922-CDRP combigan.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 922-CDRP Details
2006-08-24 921-CDRP forsale.ca UDRP Denied Case 921-CDRP Details
2006-08-25 924-CDRP shoppersdrugmart.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 924-CDRP Details
2006-09-18 930-CDRP choice-hotels.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 930-CDRP Details
2006-09-20 929-CDRP comfort-inn.ca UDRP transferred Case 929-CDRP Details
2006-09-22 1919-CDRP buspar.ca UDRP transferred Case 1919-CDRP Details
2006-10-12 933-CDRP aadac.ca UDRP transferred Case 933-CDRP Details
2006-10-06 931-CDRP honesteds.ca UDRP transferred Case 931-CDRP Details
2006-10-15 943-CDRP samash.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 943-CDRP Details
2006-10-30 942-CDRP pinggolf.ca UDRP transferred Case 942-CDRP Details
2006-11-15 944-CDRP blackanddecker.ca UDRP transferred Case 944-CDRP Details
2007-12-23 959-CDRP best-western.ca UDRP Transferred Case 959-CDRP Details
2007-01-26 964-CDRP hockeynightincanada.ca UDRP transferred Case 964-CDRP Details
2007-01-23 962-CDRP craigslist.ca UDRP transferred Case 962-CDRP Details
2007-02-09 968-CDRP trailpeak.ca UDRP transferred Case 968-CDRP Details
2007-02-16 963-CDRP musiciansfriends.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 963-CDRP Details
2007-02-26 965-CDRP musiciansfriend.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 965-CDRP Details
2007-04-12 980-CDRP godaddy.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 980-CDRP Details
2007-06-04 987-CDRP hartz.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 987-CDRP Details
2007-11-01 991-CDRP westinghouse.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 991-CDRP Details
2007-11-22 1013-CDRP newscorp.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1013-CDRP Details
2007-11-19 1005-CDRP omerdeserres.ca UDRP transferred Case 1005-CDRP Details
2007-10-31 1020-CDRP yamahamotors.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1020-CDRP Details
2007-11-09 1023-CDRP synvisc.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1023-CDRP Details
2008-02-15 1040-CDRP bmofield.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1040-CDRP Details
2008-03-27 1055-CDRP enterpriserentals.ca +11 CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1055-CDRP Details
2008-09-03 1094-CDRP teac.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1094-CDRP Details
2008-01-11 1031-CDRP clearlylasik.ca
UDRP Case 1031-CDRP Details
2008-03-11 1034-CDRP zantac.ca UDRP transferred Case 1034-CDRP Details
2008-01-21 1038-CDRP rapidrefund.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1038-CDRP Details
2008-01-23 1039-CDRP fermica.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1039-CDRP Details
2008-04-07 1056-CDRP utemp.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1056-CDRP Details
2008-04-21 1059-CDRP planetblackberry.ca
CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1059-CDRP Details
2008-05-29 1073-CDRP jumo.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1073-CDRP Details
2008-07-07 1082-CDRP staplesonlinerebate.ca
UDRP transferred Case 1082-CDRP Details
2008-07-22 1089-CDRP cisco.ca UDRP denied Case 1089-CDRP Details
2008-08-08 1091-CDRP salesforce.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1091-CDRP Details
2008-10-30 1100-CDRP burberry.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1100-CDRP Details
2008-10-15 1105-CDRP costcowholesale.ca UDRP Transferred Case 1105-CDRP Details
2008-12-17 1123-CDRP extremefitness.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1123-CDRP Details
2008-11-27 1125-CDRP computergeeksquad.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1125-CDRP Details
2022-11-18 18535-UDRP shopifynft.com UDRP transferred Case 18535-UDRP Details
2022-11-17 18533-UDRP shopifylogin.com UDRP transferred Case 18533-UDRP Details
2022-11-17 18532-UDRP shopifyfulfillment.com UDRP transferred Case 18532-UDRP Details
2022-11-17 18531-UDRP shopifycheckout.com UDRP transferred Case 18531-UDRP Details
2022-11-16 18530-UDRP shopifythemes.com UDRP transferred Case 18530-UDRP Details
2022-11-16 18529-UDRP shopifyjobs.com UDRP transferred Case 18529-UDRP Details
2022-11-15 18528-UDRP shopifycareers.com UDRP Transferred Case 18528-UDRP Details
2022-11-15 18527-UDRP shopifyappstore.com UDRP Transferred Case 18527-UDRP Details
2022-11-14 18526-UDRP shopifynfts.com UDRP Transferred Case 18526-UDRP Details
2022-11-14 18537-UDRP delta9biotech.com UDRP transferred Case 18537-UDRP Details
2009-09-29 1166-CDRP westkelowna.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1166-CDRP Details
2009-01-30 1113-CDRP yachtworld.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1113-CDRP Details
2009-03-04 1137-CDRP opsonink.ca
CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1137-CDRP Details
2009-04-23 1145-CDRP utorontohosing.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1145-CDRP Details
2009-06-30 1159-CDRP sascu.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1159-CDRP Details
2009-07-29 1161-CDRP wrightlimo.ca
CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1161-CDRP Details
2009-10-28 1180-CDRP hasbro.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1180-CDRP Details
2012-08-15 1382-CDRP angelsoft.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1382-CDRP Details
2010-01-28 1189-CDRP revenuquebec.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1189-CDRP Details
2010-02-25 1207-CDRP americanidol.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1207-CDRP Details
2010-04-21 1221-CDRP vccollege.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1221-CDRP Details
2010-05-06 1225-CDRP tobiano.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1225-CDRP Details
2010-08-05 1246-CDRP engadget.ca
CIRA CDRP denied Case 1246-CDRP Details
2010-10-25 1265-CDRP autocan.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 1265-CDRP Details
2011-09-20 1329-CDRP sittercity.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1329-CDRP Details
2011-07-15 1314-CDRP bellapierre.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 1314-CDRP Details
2011-07-11 1322-CDRP mrappliance.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1322-CDRP Details
2011-10-05 1334-CDRP myshaw.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1334-CDRP Details
2011-10-20 1342-CDRP ryersonhousing.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1342-CDRP Details
2022-07-22 17468-CDRP jackpotcitygaming.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 17468-CDRP Details
2012-01-23 1351-CDRP twenga.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1351-CDRP Details
2011-01-25 1354-CDRP homeassistanceprogram.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1354-CDRP Details
2012-02-06 1355-CDRP ebeam.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 1355-CDRP Details
2012-02-08 1358-CDRP cointreau.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1358-CDRP Details
2012-01-24 1360-CDRP googleqc.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1360-CDRP Details
2012-03-25 1634-CDRP hmvcanada.ca CIRA CDRP tranferred Case 1634-CDRP Details
2012-03-12 1367-CDRP CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1367-CDRP Details
2012-04-22 1368-CDRP forestlaboratories.ca
CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1368-CDRP Details
2012-04-14 1371-CDRP westernricemills.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1371-CDRP Details
2012-04-27 1377-CDRP discount-oakleysunglasses-sale.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1377-CDRP Details
2022-11-03 18277-CDRP Sexpositive.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 18277-CDRP Details
2012-08-15 1385-CDRP mobillibeexpress.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1385-CDRP Details
2012-09-07 1398-CDRP patagonia.ca CIRA CDRP dismissed Case 1398-CDRP Details
2012-07-23 1400-CDRP petdepot.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 1400-CDRP Details
2012-07-07 1403-CDRP AlbertaFoundationAndConcreteLifing.ca
CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1403-CDRP Details
2012-08-27 1408-CDRP bhpbilliton.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1408-CDRP Details
2012-09-13 1415-CDRP mymagna.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1415-CDRP Details
2012-11-06 1424-CDRP mtvjerseyshore.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1424-CDRP Details
2012-11-09 1426-CDRP blackberry10.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1426-CDRP Details
2012-11-19 1427-CDRP AlbertaFoundationAndConcreteLifing.ca
CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1427-CDRP Details
2012-11-27 1428-CDRP gbing.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1428-CDRP Details
2016-11-12 1431-CDRP jared.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1431-CDRP Details
2013-01-09 1425-CDRP americangirl.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 1425-CDRP Details
2013-01-29 1430-CDRP arcelormittal.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1430-CDRP Details
2013-01-05 1434-CDRP havaianas.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1434-CDRP Details
2013-01-25 1443-CDRP whitehouseblackmarket.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1443-CDRP Details
2013-02-13 1444-CDRP chicos.ca CIRA CDRP denied Case 1444-CDRP Details
2013-02-11 1450-CDRP greypower.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1450-CDRP Details
2013-05-10 1473-CDRP calgarystampede.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1473-CDRP Details
2013-05-06 1476-CDRP swarovskishop.ca CIRA CDRP transferred Case 1476-CDRP Details
2013-05-01 1478-CDRP myloreal.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1478-CDRP Details
2013-05-27 1479-CDRP clevelandcyclewerks.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1479-CDRP Details
2013-06-25 1491-CDRP fraser.ca CIRA CDRP Denied Case 1491-CDRP Details
2013-09-02 1497-CDRP urbanlegal.ca CIRA CDRP Transferred Case 1497-CDRP Details
2013-07-11 1505-CDRP alamocars.ca
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