Richard Levy

Lawyer and Conflict Resolution Practitioner

Professions: lawyer

Certifications: Certified Mediator; Member of the Quebec Bar

Languages: English , French

Levy IP Law
Westmount, QC, CA

Richard Levy formed his own firm, Levy IP Law and Dispute Resolutions, in Montreal in 2019. He has been a recognized Mediator in Canada since 2008. As such, Richard has succeeded in facilitating the settlement of many commercial and workplace disputes in an efficient and creative manner. As a lawyer, he has specialized in intellectual property and technology law for more than 35 years. Richard is active in both ADRIC, and the ADR committee of IPIC, where he served as its former Chair.

Practice Areas

Domain names, trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets, workplace disputes, commercial disputes

Professional Experience

Richard Levy has negotiated settlements for clients in many disputes involving domain names, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and trade secrets in Canada and the United States.

Richard has successfully mediated commercial disputes in many fields, including between landlords + tenants, insurers + contractors, executive searchers + employers, home buyers + sellers (over latent defects), interior designers + clients, and equipment suppliers + restaurants. Many of these mediations were conducted in French.

With respect to disputes in the workplace, Richard has acted as Mediator and Informal Conflict Manager in disputes between colleagues and between employees and their supervisors. He has also acted as a Coach to only one of the parties in a multi-party dispute.

He has written many articles, and given many presentations, in person and by webinar, on various aspects of IP law, technology, and mediation. He is the past Chair of the ADR Committee of IPIC (Intellectual Property Institute of Canada)

Richard received his training as a Mediator by taking courses given by Pepperdine University, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and given by the Quebec Bar.

Arbitration Experience

I have represented clients in several UDRP and CDRP (CIRA) arbitrations over many years.

Professional and Other Activities

Member of ADRIC (the ADR Institute of Canada), IMAQ (Institut de Médiation et Arbitrage du Canada), and IPIC (Intellectual Property Institute of Canada)


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Academic Qualifications

• 1980 – Common Law Equivalency Certificate, Law Society of Alberta
• 1975 – LL.L., University of Ottawa, Civil Law Section
• 1972 – B.A., McGill University

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